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SIO pocket diaper

Introducing the new SIO diaper with wings and pocket.

Diapers are made in the Czech and Slovak Republics and only certified materials have been used for their production.

We offer the SIO diaper without inserts, because we want to leave it up to you how to fill our pocket SIO diaper.

The bag is large enough to accommodate both large and small insert diapers, or small multi-layer diapers.

If the absorbency is not sufficient for you, it is possible to insert the insert diaper on the SIO itself.

The SIO "snap in one" system means that it is an absorbent core fastened to the top panties, unlike the AIO "all in one" it is not sewn into the top diaper and the top panties and the absorbent cores can be variably combined.

You can wash and dry the absorbent part separately from the top panties, so the diaper dries very quickly.

In addition, frequent washing does not break the PUL layer on the top diaper, so the diapers will last you longer.

The wings are sewn so that they do not sag and keep the liquid and coarse dirt inside the diaper.

The top diaper thus usually remains clean for further use.

The SIO with a pocket is sewn so that drying is really fast and so it is suitable for all of you who do not own a dryer and we would definitely recommend packing our SIO diaper for the holidays.

Why buy:

solid wings

the possibility of filling the pockets with any absorbent material

provided with zips for attachment to the upper panties possibility of reduction for newborns

compatible with all Czech manufacturers of diapers

it can also be used without snapping into top diapers with pockets when properly stuffed

they can also be used as a night diaper

service life up to 1200 washes

dries very quickly


bamboo terry towards the buttocks

very fine wings sewn from soft fleece


made in the Czech and Slovak Republics


towards the buttocks (bamboo terry): 80% bamboo + 20% polyester

outer layer (combed sweatpants): 95% cotton + 5% lycra

wings and part of the pocket (fleece): 100% polyester


ironing: NO

fabric softener: YES, but may reduce absorbency

dryer: YES

bleaching: NO

vinegar: NO

wash: 60 st.

How to use a cloth diaper:

You can fill the pocket of the SIO diaper with any inserts or smaller square diapers, small towels ...

We recommend using a separating diaper towards the buttocks.

Fasten zips for little babies in the front and fill the SIO only in a shortened pocket.

For small babies, it is not necessary to snap the diaper into the upper diapers in the front part.

Sovička advises:

The best way to get rid of stains is with bile soap.

If you want to keep the diaper for other generations, keep the diapers in a bucket, ideally dry and feathers no later than two days from the day of soiling. Before storing the diaper, pre-wash it from urine and stool!

To keep the white and white, put a separating napkin in the diaper!

For a baby, I recommend a minimum of 4-5 of these diapers in combination.

The SIO diaper is an absorbent core so that it does not get wet, it is necessary to have top panties.

For higher absorbency, you can buy inserts and multi-layer diapers for SIO diapers, but no need for newborns, they are intended for up to 4 months.


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