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SIO complete DIAPER

SIO diapers are manufactured in Slovakia with the use of certified materials only.

We are offering our new SIO diaper with wings and pocket without the insert; leaving you with free choice of insert for our pocket diaper. The pocket size is sufficient enough for using small and big insert diaper or small multiple-layer (prefold) one. If the absorbency is not adequate enough, you can place insert diaper on the SIO itself.

System SIO “snap in one” means that the absorbing core is snapped with cover diaper, unlike the AIO “all in one” it is not sewn with the cover diaper but they can be variably combined. Absorbent inserts can be washed and dried separately while the empty pocket will air-dry very fast. In addition, frequent washing does not damage the PUL coating, so your diapers will last longer. The wings are sewn in a way not to fail and keep the fluid and dirt inside the diaper. The cover diaper thus usually stays clean for further use. 

Our pocket SIO air-dries fast so it’s suitable for those who don’t own tumble dryer. We definitely recommend packing our SIO diaper for the holidays.




  • Fixed wings
  • Ability to fill the pocket with any absorbent material
  • Provided with snaps for attachment with the cover diaper
  • Snaps for adjustment into the newborn size
  • Compatible with all Czechmanufacturers of cover diapers
  • Possible to use without using snaps of the pocket cover diaper
  • Ability to use it as a night diaper after sufficient stuffing
  • Up to 1200 washes durability
  • Dries very quickly
  • Tender bamboo terry on the inner side
  • Very fine wings made from soft fleece
  • Ecological
  • Made in Slovakia




  • Inner layer (bamboo terry): 80% bamboo + 20% polyester
  • Outer layer (cotton – elastane blend): 95% cotton + 5% lycra
  • Wings and part of the pocket (fleece): 100% polyester




  • Iron: NO
  • Fabric softener: YES, but may reduce absorbency
  • Tumble-dry: YES
  • Bleach: NO
  • Vinegar: NO
  • Wash: 60 °C





SIO pocket can be filled with any inserts or smaller flats (square diapers), smaller towels… we recommend using a separating diaper sheet on the baby bum side. For newborns you can close the front snaps and fill only SIO’s shortened pocket. Small babies don’t need their front SIO snapped with the cover diaper. 




  • The best way to get rid of stains is with bile soap. If you want to keep the diaper for the next generation, keep the diaper in a bucket ideally dry, and wash no later than two days from the day of soiling. Before storing, prewash the diaper from urine and stool! Using separating sheets helps to keep diaper less stained. We recommend at least 4 to 5 of these diapers within your cloth diaper set.
  • SIO is a pocket diaper made of absorbent material; it needs to be used together with a PUL diaper cover.
  • To increase the absorbency, use inserts or multi-layer diapers; for newborns though they are not necessary, we do recommend them for babies from the 4th month of age.


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