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Night Menstrual pants with microfiber with black



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Comfortable menstrual panties that will be appreciated by all girls and women. They are suitable for night and heavy menstruation. The absorbent layer is from the beginning of the front side to the end of the back side. So women who like to sleep on their stomachs will also appreciate it. WHY BUY? - replace 5-6 menstrual tampons - they are ecological - suitable for everyday wear - comfortable - breathable - impermeable - do not cause allergies COMPOSITION:

100% antibacterial microfiber

100% polyester laminated with polyurethane

95% modal and 5% elastane

- wash at 60 degrees
- dry in the dryer to a slight degree (shortens the service life)
- do not bleach chemically
- iron to a low level (no need to iron)
Hip size and girth:
34 - 79-85 cm
38 - 86-93 cm
42 - 94-101 cm
46 - 102-109 cm
50 - 110-121 cm


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