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New born cover Birds in the garden



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Diaper covers lined with rubber and with or without wings. Diaper covers are compatible with all nappies incl. SIO systems from all of the Czech and Slovak manufactures.

"Mummy, miracle! The diaper cover also grows!" No more mowburt botty or accidents in the trousers legs. The diaper cover is made from breathable PUL material, which unsures the highest comfort for your baby. They have got poppers so your can change the side of the diaper. The used material is resistant to frequent washing and hight temperatures. The cut is suitable to all types of diapers from the squared ones to the fitted diapers.

With rubber or with fleece?

This is hard question as well as: "Was the first egg or hen?". The rubber dryes faster and it nicely fasten to to leg. You can easily wash out all the dirt from the rubber, because it is smooth. Fleece doesn't make sore legs, for newborns it is worse to shorter it, because fleece is bulky. Advantage of this diaper is that you can be sure that it will keep everything inside. But if you are still hasitate don't be unhappy! Try both types and find out which one si better for your child.

Why to buy:

  • made in Slovakia
  • safe to botty of your child
  • design
  • lifetime about 1200 washing
  • you don't need to buy all set
  • fast drying
  • soft
  • very smooth rubbers - they don't store urine as fleece
  • Velcro that doesn't scratch the skin
  • ecological
  • sanitary (can be washed at 60 °C)


  • PUL: 100% polyester + 100 % polyurethane


How to use upper diapers:

We recommend to change it every day or immediately after soiling by stool and wash it from the hard dirt and urine. After that nappy, store dry in a bucket and wash to 60 degrees within three days. We recommend drying freely, we certainly don't recommend drying on heating or on the sun. After that put the diapers into the basket and wash it in 60°C within 3 days. Don't use the softener or bleachers on chlorine bases. Be careful salt for stains or more agresive detergents can cause the print pale. Don't use soap slime.

There may be marks on diapers that disappear after washing.


SOVICK advises:

  • For the little one are 4-5 pc of diapers enough for the all diaper's season. Wash the diapers at least once after 3 days and put them on 60°C, so it is clean and sanitary. The dirty diapers store in closed container maximum of 2 days and then straight to washing machine.
  • It is not all-in-one diaper, you have to use some of the absorbing cores (fitted diaper or multilayer diaper...).
  • Before the first use we recommend to wash it separately.


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