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Luxury ecofriendly TENCEL® towel girl

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Luxury ecological towels made of TENCEL® material.

Wrap your baby in "silk".


- made in Slovakia

- organic product

- for a sensitive experience

- for allergy sufferers and eczema sufferers

- Large more obsessive than regular bath towels

- soft as silk

- TENCEL® fiber production is friendly and environmentally friendly

- The fiber is smooth on the surface and at the same time soft is defined by the team degrading the quality of the body

- TENCEL® fiber used to make the towel comes from forest stands that are renewable and easy to maintain.

- Used solvents are 100% recycled during production. This special process received a "European Environment Prize" from the European Union.

- Natural hygiene without chemicals. - Bacterial production is reduced with the use of TENCEL®.

Moisture is immediately transported to the inner fibers and thus does not rely on the surface, where it could serve the growing bacteria.

In synthetic fibers, on the other hand, the number of bacteria increases up to 2000 times.

* * Laboratory studies of bacterial growth on textiles: B. Redl, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria, 2004


ironing: NO

fabric softener: YES, but may reduce absorbency

dryer: YES

bleaching: NO

vinegar: NO

wash: 60 st.

MATERIAL: 80% Tencel 20% polyester

SIZE: 75 * 75cm


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