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Intimate menstrual pad Monkey BIO cotton



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The inserts are characterized by:

- softness and breathability of the surface

- do not irritate the skin and do not stick

- free of chemicals and harmful substances such as perfumes or dyes

The products are recommended worldwide by gynecologists for all women who suffer from allergies, inflammation, itching, pain and other unpleasant female problems.

They help women maintain comfort and a pleasant feeling even during menstruation.

The use of fabric pads has improved the difficulties for many women caused by the synthetic materials of common feminine hygiene products.

Conventional feminine hygiene products are not biodegradable and create enormous waste on our planet.

Most of these products also contain plastics that will not decompose in decades.

By reusing fabric inserts, you save a lot of waste, the fabric replaces 50 to 300 disposable inserts per year.

Dimensions: 18 * 7/8 cm have snaps to reduce the size.


touch layer: 100% BIO cotton

middle layer: 100% BIO cotton

top layer: 95% cotton, 5% elastane


- wash at 60 degrees

- dry in a dryer to a moderate degree

- do not bleach chemically

- iron to a low level (no need to iron)


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