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The one-size cloth diaper is suitable from about 1 month and for smaller children, until complete diapers.
We offer a pant diaper with a short pad.
We do not recommend any diapers until two months of age.

Supplied WITHOUT diaper inserts.

The diapers are manufactured in Czech Republic and in Slovakia with the use of certified materials only.


  • OS diaper je 47 cm long with elastic bands suitable for thigh width of a newborn as well as a two-year-old. Can be used from the 1st month of age, for tinier kids until diaper free period.
  • XL diaper is 50 cm long and its elastic band fits chubbier thighs or older toddlers that need their time with potty training. We recommend it from 6th month of age until the end of diaper period, even for “chunky” kids.



  • Affordable
  • Made in Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Gentle on your child’s skin
  • Designed print
  • Day/ night/ newborn in one
  • 1200 washes durability
  • No need to purchase the whole diaper set
  • Quick-drying
  • Soft
  • Fine elastic bands
  • Non-irritable Velcro
  • Ecological



  • Touch layer: 80% bamboo + 20% polyester (bamboo terry)
  • Middle layer (absorbent material): 80% cotton+20% polyester (poly-cotton blend)
  • Decorative material (baby plush): 80% cotton + 20% polyester (outer layer)
  • Decorative material (design knitwear): 95% cotton + 5% elastane (design knitwear)



The diaper can be supported by additional square diaper or insert. Its improved cut and adjusted shape suits both small babies and big runners.  The inner absorbent materials are always the same – heavyweight poly-cotton blend with its high absorbency and very soft bamboo terry as a skin-touch layer. The outer material is utilized with various shades in combination with design knitwear.  Our diapers have innovated Velcro closure that doesn’t scratch the surrounding material. Velcro is a closure option that is easy and fast, so both grandma and sleepy dad can do diaper changing. 



  • The best way to get rid of stains is with bile soap. If you want to keep the diaper for the next generation, keep the diaper in a bucket ideally dry, and wash no later than two days from the day of soiling. Before storing, prewash the diaper from urine and stool! Using separating sheets helps to keep diaper less stained!
  • Fitted diaper is essentially an absorbing layer shaped like a diaper but it needs its diaper cover so it doesn’t over-soaks.
  • For higher absorbency, you can buy inserts and prefolds for the diaper, but they are not necessary for newborns; they are intended from the 6th month of age. 

Material composition may vary slightly.


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