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Cloth menstrual pad PUL Little dog and kitten red bamboo terry



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SOVICK daily cloth menstrual pad with impermeable PUL Comfortable, comfortable women's cloth pad without added chemistry.

All materials used are certified.

You have not tried cloth pads yet? Now is the right time :)

Our pads are suitable for stronger and normal menstruation

DIMENSIONS: Length 26 cmWidth after switching on the wings: 7 and 8 cm (Dimensions may vary from piece to piece at least)


 - made in the Slovakia

- friendly to the intimate part of every woman

- design

- ecological

- healthy

- hygienic


Touch layer: 80% Bamboo and 20% polyesterSatting layer: 100% BIO cotton

Lower layer: 100% polyester laminated with polyurethane


- wash at 60 degrees

- the inserts can go into the dryer to a low degree, but this reduces their life

- do not bleach

- do not clean chemically

- do not iron


They are used in the same way as classic insoles, you can change them according to your needs and your feelings.

After use, place running cold water under water and wash until the water is clear.

Put in a container, bag or whatever you have on hand:) You can also use bile soap to get rid of stains quickly.

SOVICK ADVICE: We recommend to have 10 dailypads, 3 night pads and 5 intimate pads.

Our pads are also suitable in the postpartum period.

They contain a breathable and impermeable material that is from the bottom of the liner.


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