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We present you a new improved diaper all in one AIO, with which you can repack as comfortably as with a disposable diaper. It is suitable from approx. 4 kg up to a potty.

The diaper consists of a sewn-in bamboo 3-layer insert with a pleasant touch layer of bamboo-velvet and a 3-layer insert, which is attached with one zip. You control how many pliers you want to attach. The pad is attached from below, so if it is not there, it does not push the baby. The pad is sewn only at the top of the diaper, which ensures faster drying.

Shrink zippers ensure that the diaper fits beautifully. You can reduce it by 3 sizes. AIO diaper is thin, makes a small buttocks and is very absorbent. It is also suitable as a night. Double rubber bands prevent unwanted overflow.


- made in the Czech and Slovak Republic

- gentle for your child's butt

- design

- lifespan up to 1200 washes

- no need to buy a whole set

- quick-drying

- soft

- easy to repack

- do not retain urine like fleece

- non-scratching dry zippers

- ecological

- hygienic (washable at 60 ° C)




outer layer - PUL 100% polyester stacker - 55% bamboo viscose, 23% organic cotton, 22% polyester touch layer - 70% bamboo, 30% cotton

HOW TO USE AIO Diapers: We recommend changing the baby every 2 hours or immediately after contamination with stool and washing away from coarse dirt and urine. Then store diapers dry in a bucket and wash at 60 degrees within three days. In the dryer, you risk delamination of the diaper. Do not use fabric softener or chlorine-based bleach. Salt for stains or more aggressive detergents can cause fading suppresses. Do not use soap slime. Diapers can have factory marks that disappear after washing.



We recommend 2-3 pieces for each piece of equipment. This diaper can be changed very quickly by an inexperienced friend, father or grandmother. They are also suitable for quick changing outside, at the doctor's, or on a visit. It's an all-in-one diaper, so there's nothing else to buy.

It is an all-in-one diaper, so nothing is bought for it. We recommend washing the diapers separately before the first use.

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